Top 6 2019 Trends for Men

Staying fashionable season after season can be tough, but every year there are some trends that you simply cannot ignore, and that will instantly put a bit of pizazz back into your wardrobe.

Take a look at the hottest men’s trends for 2019 that will take you from the boardroom to the beach, and everywhere in between.

1. Green with envy

This year green is taking over from blue as the most popular shade. From olive to khaki and emerald to British racing green, this hue is the one you want to watch for.

You can opt for green shirts or even green pants, or if you want to be a bit subtler about it, green accessories like belts, bags and even shoes and socks can get you on trend.

2. Go short, shorts

Shorts this year are shorter than they have been in awhile. We not talking joggers, but we are talking above the knee.

It’s bye-bye board shorts and those awful mid calve Capri style shorts that usually come laden with zippers and pockets, and hello fitted, smaller shorts that show off a bit more leg.

3. Game, set, match

Or in this case, mis-match. Mis-matched is the new black, and now is the perfect time to embrace the trend of striped and spots or paisley and linear patterns.

Pinterest says that mismatched prints are up 89% and with stats like that you need to start mixing and mis-matching fast to jump on board.

4. Give no quarter

Quarter socks are finally hot, and they are a cheap option that won’t see you blowing the jackpot you won playing real money online pokies just to look good. Dressy socks or no-show socks are old news, this year we are wearing our socks so you can see them.

Think sports socks with a bit more attitude, and don’t be afraid to buy a designer label brand and flaunt that logo. If you really want to up the cool factor match your socks to your shoes, and don’t just stick to black on black, if you’ve got brightly coloured sneakers, go wild.

5. Tailored time

Tailored shirts, jackets or pants are timeless, and they are back in fashion. A good cut is crucial here, and the tailoring should be crisp and clean. You can pair your tailored jacket with jeans and a T-shirt for a more casual look, or you can do a 3 piece suit with perfect creases if you want to hit the town.

The best part about this look is that you if you enjoy dressing up, you can do so even when the situation doesn’t demand it, as all you are doing is following fashion!

6. Go Vintage

Yes, vintage has been in fashion for a while, but it still is, and for good reason!

Whether you embrace the Peaky Blinders style full on and even don a flat cap a la David Beckham, or you prefer a more subtle approach like wearing your dad (or even granddads!) watch or scarf, now is the time to dust off those mothballs and get trendy.

What’s great is that you can embrace all the above trends in this one, or you can add your own modern pieces as you go to truly create your own special style.

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