Top 6 2019 Trends for Women

With every new season comes new trends, and 2019 looks set to be a kicker for ladies fashion. There are some seriously exciting trends on the horizon and we can’t wait to embrace them all.

Take a look at the hottest trends that you need to consider when giving your wardrobe a facelift.

1. Perfectly pleated

Heavy pleats are in, and they look great on skirts of all lengths. From short and flirty skirts that get extra bounce, to long or knee length skirts that are more sophisticated, yet look fun too thanks to their added pleats, you should be wearing them all.

Micro-pleats have also been spotted on dresses and tops, and this gives an interesting silhouette and adds a lot more movement to a garment.

2. Fab fringes

Last year was all about Western, from cowboy boots to check shirts, so it makes sense that this year would have some element of rodeo to it all.

Fringes are where it’s at, and whether they are on a bag or a jacket they are long, eye catching and ready to entangle you.

3. Slinky sequins

Sequins seem to always be in fashion but this year they are hotter than ever, and they have gone hi-tech. New technology has allowed for printing processes such as sublimation, so you can have a dress or top that has two different colours or patterns, or even a hidden picture, depending on which way you push down the sequins.

This time around you can also wear sequins just about anywhere, and the rule about only wearing them at night to play real slots NZ at the casino or attend a flashy party can be tossed out the window. In 2019 you can shine bright any time of the day or night!

4. Nice in neon

You can’t be a shrinking violet if you want to embrace this trend as neon is back in full force. And it is bolder and brighter than ever.

If you thought that wasn’t possible, believe us, because the latest trend is to mix and match zesty hues that pop with colour. Pairing hot pink pants with a neon yellow top is la mode, as is donning a bright green dress paired with Day-Glo blue boots.

5. Cold shoulders

The peasant, off the shoulder, or Bardot (named in honour of Brigitte Bardot, the 50’s and 60’s sex symbol) top, is hot.

From slick and stylish fitted tops that bare your shoulders to flowy bo-ho numbers that embrace the gypsy spirit, showing your shoulders is the way to go.

6. Boxed in

Another trend that focuses on your shoulders is the boxed shoulder. Boxier than shoulder pads and more structured than a puff, this year’s trend sees bold, boxy shoulders highlighted by square necklines.

This style works really well with feminine dresses and soft patterns, as it dulls the boxy edge a bit to create the perfect contrast. Just be warned, you can’t hide your boxy shoulders under a jacket, as you’ll lose any effect they may have had, fast.

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