Fashion Crimes You Should Never Commit

There are some fashion crimes that are unforgivable and they simply need to see those who commit them locked up forever and the key thrown away.

Or rather, they should be corrected as soon as possible so that the fashion faux pas is eliminated forever. Let’s take a look at the worst fashion crimes that you can commit if you’re not clued up.

Wearing white to a wedding

This is an oldie but a goodie, and its one that a lot of people don’t know. Under no circumstances should you ever wear white, or cream even, to a wedding.

White is for the bride and it’s her special day, so even if your favourite dress is this hue, find something else!

Socks with sandals

The point of sandals is to let your feet breathe and to stay cool. Putting socks with them not only looks downright awful; it is also completely counterproductive. Just don’t do it. You will be ridiculed.

Overdoing it at the office

Too much flesh, sequins and glitzy satins are better suited to going out at night or playing online Blackjack at home with friends, not for the office.

You need to dress appropriately, especially in a corporate environment. If you want people to take you seriously, dress for work, not a party.

Too much jewellery

Unless you want to look like a Christmas tree and jingle like a sleigh bell, tone down the jewellery.

Less is more, especially if you have a statement piece that you want to how off.

Ill-fitting underwear

Not only is ill-fitting underwear uncomfortable, it can also be unsightly too. Make sure your bra fits you well, and that it provides adequate support, and that you don’t have a VPL (visible panty line) shining though your dress or pants.

Tatty underwear on show

If your bra strap is a bit threadbare rather bin your bra.

There is nothing more unattractive than an undergarment in terrible condition peeking out from underneath your clothes.

Shoes you can’t walk in

This is a major fashion crime that so many people make and don’t even realise it. If you cannot walk in those sexy strappy sandals they are no longer sexy, and if you waddle like a duck in wedges, bin them.

Looking awkward when you walk is a major sin, as there really is no need to do so. Find shoes you can walk in with confidence and you’ll always be in fashion.

Real fur

Even if its vintage, wearing real fur is bound to upset someone and its just not worth it. There are so many gorgeous fake furs available that there is no need to wear a real dead animal.

While we are on the topic, steer clear of real snakeskin too, that’s just as much of a crime.

Offensive slogans

This really should go without saying, but if you have anything with an offensive slogan bin it.

There is no need to insult anyone or be rude, and just because you think your slogan T is funny, others won’t necessarily feel the same, and in some cases you can get in to real trouble.

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