2019’s Biggest Health Food Trends to Watch

Each passing year brings with it a slew of delicious, unique, and even downright strange health food trends and movements – and 2019 is no different. From oat milk to CBD oil, there are plenty of up and coming new delicacies to keep an eye out for this year, so read on to find out what you should be stocking your pantry with!

#1: Oat Milk is On The Rise

Alternative, vegan milk products have been popular for a few years now, and each year sees a new plant-based milk substitute taking the stage. This year, oat milk is taking the health industry by storm thanks to its similarity to dairy milk, its suitability for cappuccino and latte-making, and its authentic taste. Oat milk has grown so much in popularity that it has transcended the metropolitan areas where it first became trendy, and has now reached countless supermarkets and eateries across the globe.

#2: Moringa Replaces Matcha

Last year, the Japanese powdered green tea known as matcha was on everyone’s lips. This year, however, most have turned towards a new green super-food native to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh; moringa. This edible plant is packed with nutrients like potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, and is being infused into everything from herbal teas to capsules, ice creams, and so much more.

#3: Alternative Fats and Oils are Here

The vegan diet is seemingly here to stay, and many vegans have now adapted their diets to suit the keto, paleo and grain free lifestyles as well. As a result, the demand for healthy plant-based fats like coconut butter, ghee and MCT oil has skyrocketed.

#4: …and So Are Meat Alternatives

A huge food trend in 2019 is the switch from meat products to convincingly lifelike ‘meatless’ options. For those looking to do their part to slow climate change and save the planet, there are now countless treats like mushroom-based pork rinds, vegan soy protein jerky, and much more on the shelves. Snack on them while working, after sports, or while playing Australian online pokies; the possibilities are endless.

#5: Snack on Sea-Inspired Treats

Seaweed chips, puffed water lily seed snacks, vegan tuna alternatives, and algae-based products are all set to explode this year. Most sea-based products are rich in iodine and vital trace elements as well, helping you to stay healthy without causing harm to the environment.

#6: Tahini Makes a Comeback

Last year, it was nut butters that took the world by storm. In 2019, tahini will be filling that role. Made from ground sesame seeds, this tasty paste has been used in Middle Eastern cookery for thousands of years. It’s incredibly easy to make at home, and now that it has become a trendy food, it can also be found at virtually any health foods store near you as well!

#7: Frozen Desserts Get Creative

Frozen treats like ice creams, sorbets and popsicles are back in fashion, this time with a healthy kick. This summer, you can look forward to enjoying hummus ice cream, coconut water sorbet, avo popsicles, and everything in between. Dainty delicacies like Thai rolled ice cream, Turkish iced dessert, and Taiwanese snow ice are also trending on social media platforms worldwide.

#8: Everything Gets a CBD Boost

With countries and states across the globe legalizing marijuana, it should come as no surprise that cannabidiol (or CBD) is making its way into a variety of different foods and snacks. This healing compound has the power to slash stress and anxiety and even curb addiction – but as for whether or not it will be able to curb your addiction to CBD-infused ice creams, biscuits and sauces, you will have to find out for yourself…

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