Food Trends to Watch for in 2019

Have a look in to the future regarding what we’re going to be consuming over the next 12 months. It’s an interesting list, with a bigger focus on the world around us, staying fit, and keeping healthy.

Flavours from the Pacific Rim

Seasonings from Asia, Oceania, and the west coasts of South America are going to rise.

Cuttlefish, dragon fruit, Filipino sausage longanisa, guavas, and shrimp paste should all be on your shopping list for the next 12 months.

Fats Make a Comeback

Grain-free, Keto, Paleo, and Pegan, or Paleo and Vegan combined diets, are going to be helping people to add more healthy fats to their menus.

Fancy chomping on nutrition bars crafted with the oil powder of MCT, chocolates filled with coconut butter, and drinking Vegan coffee beverages inspired by butter coffees while you explore social media, betting sites, and video calling on your smartphone? Next year you’ll be able to!

A New Take on Frozen Treats

Ice-cream vendors are introducing different kinds of treats with original bases like avocado, coconut water, and hummus, and there are others moving beyond ice-cream all together.

Think in terms of frozen cheese swirls, Mexican nieves de garrafa, and Taiwanese snow ice.

Marine Snacks Other than Seaweed

Seaweed hit the mainstream this year, and the menu for next year is adding even more ocean ingredients to foodies’ daily intake.

Seaweed butter will be on the rise, and kelp noodles are set to increase in popularity all over the world as well.

Rethinking Hemp

Thanks to the ascent of Cannabidiol, or CBD, hemp is currently a hot topic, and it’s no longer as fraught with legal questions thanks to the boom in the cannabis business.

Although still technically taboo, being prohibited in body care, dietary supplements, and food under federal law, consumers, culinary experts, and retailers won’t be missing out on the cannabis craze entirely.

Expect to see evidence of it at food innovators’ conferences, industry trade shows, and even farmers’ markets in your local neighbourhood.

Look Out for Water That’s More Than Water

Maple water is expected to get big in health stores next year, along with fruit-flavoured waters that have been infused with red grape skins and red wine extracts.

These will bestow the benefits of the phenolic compounds found in red wine on drinkers, reducing the risk of inflammation, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

It’s alcohol-free, too, so it fits in with the current trend in non-alcoholic beverages, and cactus water is also set to be on-trend.

Less Waste, More Ugly Produce

Tomatoes don’t have to be perfect-looking in order to taste as they should.

A trend that never got quite as big as it was predicted to get in 2015 will make an appearance in 2019, says analysts. So-called ugly produce is as nutritious, and as delicious, as it’s beautiful counterparts are, and more of us are waking up to this fact.

As we become more aware of problems around food waste, imperfect vegetables and fruit that may have been tossed out previously will now be making its way home with us.

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