Rome’s 6 Most Unforgettable Restaurants

Milan may be the fashion capital of the world, but Rome is definitely the food capital. If you’re a foodie who loves to travel, Italy definitely has to be at the top of your list of dream culinary destinations. With a rich heritage spanning thousands of years, Italy’s capital city, Rome, is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but it sure to provide a culinary experience that you won’t forget for many years to come. Here are the 6 best restaurants in Rome.


With an undertaking to promote inclusivity and social awareness through food, Altrove employs a multi-cultural staff and offers a wide variety of international dishes. Not only is the food expertly prepared and delicious, but Altrove also offers a training programme for marginalised young people such as immigrants, refugees, and the disenfranchised to refine their cooking and service skills in a safe space.


Owned and operated by two young Roman brothers, Tiziano and Mirko Pacucci, who are passionate about delicious food and sumptuous wine, Barred offers a highly-curated selection of dishes which celebrate seasonal ingredients. With entrées such as sautéed spinach with black garlic and mushroom ragù, you won’t be disappointed. You can either enjoy tapas at the bar or choose one of the few tables in this snug establishment.


Celebrated as the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in Italy, Bistrot64 is worth a visit not only for its striking food at incredible value, but for its palate-tickling flavour combinations which sees a perfect marriage of Italian and Japanese cuisines – almost as exotic as online betting NZ! Thanks to Chef Kotaro Noda, every dish is an artistic masterpiece in which colour plays a very important role. Aptly, every dish is named for its bright hue.


Epiro was instantly popular as soon as it opened on a discreet corner in San Giovanni in 2013 and it continues to impress 7 years later. With modern dishes which pay a powerful homage to its foraged ingredients, Epiro also offers an incredible variety of natural wines. February 2019 saw Epiro transform into a tapas bar with its focus on wine and a small selection of shareable plates which form the ultimate celebration to seasonality.


With a staff that took a course on fermenting vegetables long before it became a food trend, Fernanda is a restaurant way ahead of the pack. Thanks to Chef Davide Del Duca, Fernanda’s cuisine remains refreshingly down to earth as roots and peels are so expertly prepared that they become the star of the plate. The delectable desserts are the perfect ending to an incredible meal and we recommend the black garlic foam with porter beer cream, tuber peels and chocolate crumble.

Fratelli Mori

Named for two brothers who simply love to cook, Osteria Fratelli Mori is owned and operated by Alessandro and Francesco Mori who serves honest food in a laidback environment. While a quick perusal at the menu won’t provide too many surprises, every dish is crafted with impressive skill and you’ll definitely be back for their wood fired pizzas again and again.

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