The Most Exciting Food Trends Of 2020

From culinary management professors and restaurant association vice presidents, to food and dining websites, almost everyone has an option on the state of food in 2020. If their predictions are accurate, the first year of the new decade is going to be an exciting one in kitchens and restaurants around the world.

We saw the rise of the plant-based diet, an awareness of the carbon footprints of what we eat, and jazzed-up versions of that old favourite, avocado toast in the 2010s. Will this year serve up more of the same, or will 2020’s food trends usher in something completely different? Let’s take a look at the most exciting predictions.

Cosmopolitan Kids’ Menus

Traditionally, young diners’ choices have been limited to a few almost-patronising basics that are usually cheap, easy to prepare, and devoid of any real nutritional value. According to America’s National Restaurant Association vice president, Hudson Riehle, this will change in 2020, as many children’s menus are updated with healthier options as well as with more cosmopolitan offerings.

Riehle said that children will be able to choose from white, brown, and wholegrain breads, superfood such as quinoa, and dishes influenced by the cuisines of the Mediterranean, West African, and other regions.

Fabulous Floral Infusions

Edible flowers were one of the prettiest food trends of the past few years, and it is one that has stuck around. It looks like it is going to get bigger and better in 2020, thanks to the rise of floral-infused dishes and beverages. Various items have appeared on menus in US cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Just one example served up at Los Angeles’ Tom Tom is the Madame Butterfly, a cocktail that lists champagne and butterfly pea tea among its ingredients. Imagine sipping on that while playing pokies games on your phone. It sounds like blissful decadence.

Keep It Local

Michigan State University culinary management professor, Allan Sherwin said that the locavore trend that arose over the past couple of years will intensify this year. The locavore movement sees people focus on ingredients and foods sourced from farms and other producers in the area in which they live. Sherwin explained that this goes hand-in-hand with the growing preference for organic, farm-raised foods.

Fashionably Fermented

If you have not heard of kombucha by now, you may want to check your vital signs. Enjoyed in Russia and the Far East for centuries, the fermented tea beverage is enjoyed renewed interest around the world. What’s more, it is only one of several fermented drinks and foods that will be on trend in 2020.

Influenced By Zero Waste

The war against climate change and pollution is coming to a kitchen near you. 2020 will see the influence of the zero-waste movement reach homes and kitchens around the planet. A good way to tap into the trend is to not purchase food items that come in excessive or environmentally unfriendly packaging. Another way is to use a compost bin in your garden, or an indoor composter, for organic kitchen waste.

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