The Top 5 Dishes In Africa Worth Trying

Africa is a continent like no other, overflowing with culture and cuisines that would satisfy any adventurer’s desires. Due to its incredible diversity, Africa is home to some of the most delicious and fascinating dishes in the world, with many of them being completely unique to their local areas, making them a one of a kind treat that a traveller would not find anywhere else. For those that are planning a trip to Africa, these are some of the dishes that are definitely worth giving a try.

  1. Venison – Namibia

Venison is one of the healthiest meats in the world, and while it can be found all over South America, many swear by the venison found in Namibia. In fact, it’s a staple of many restaurants and eateries within the country, with many of the menus having a direct influence from German and South African cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is oshifima, which is maize porridge offered with venison, while it can also be found in mahangu, a pearl millet.

  1. Nyama na irio – Kenya

A favourite among the people of Kenya, irio was once  a staple of Kikuyu people, and consists of a number of vegetables, such as potatoes, corn, onion, and peas, which are then usually served with an assortment of roast meats. Kenya is home to some of the world’s best athletes, many of which have claimed that their stamina comes from the hearty foods that they eat, but specifically to sukuma wiki, which is made with kale and maize.

  1. Koshari – Egypt

Koshari is a dish that’s most commonly found at the average Egyptian home, and is made up of a medley of veggies and starches, including macaroni, garlic, chickpeas, rice, and lentils, along with a tomato sauce fried together with onion. It’s a stable among the people living in Egypt, and can be very easily found among the food vendors that are dotted around the country and cities, such as Cairo, and makes for a great treat when kicking back with a game at Spin casinos in NZ. Mahshi is another classic home-cooked meal, and most likely one that a visitor will get to enjoy while staying in the country.

  1. Pastilla au pigeon – Morocco

Morocco can be found at the northern tip of Africa, and is famed for its incredible cuisine. Pastilla au pigeon has become a beloved dish for both locals and visitors, and is made up of a blend of complex flavours as part of a feast for a number of people to enjoy. Made with egg sauce, extra thin pastry, and either chicken or pigeon, it’s a part of the culture and is eaten extremely often.

  1. Bunny Chow – South Africa

No list about Africa would be complete without the famous Indian dish that can be found in South Africa. Bunny chow will usually be made out of a large loaf of bread that’s packed with either meat or vegetable curry, and then closed at the top. The bread soaks in all of the sauces, making for a two-course meal in one.

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