The World’s 5 Best-Rated Restaurants 2019

From Denmark and Thailand to Spain and France, we’ve crisscrossed the globe to find the best-rated restaurants for 2019. This year, Mirazur located in Menton, France, took top honours when it was announced as the world’s best restaurant and Chef Mauro Colagreco couldn’t be happier. If travelling the globe in search of the world’s best food is your idea of fun, you should absolutely visit one of these best restaurants in the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Geranium

The juxtaposition of nature and technology is the best way to describe Chef Rasmus Kofoed’s 17-plus course progressive tasting menu. Celebrating Scandinavia’s best seasonal ingredients, Geranium’s artistic courses are composed of organic and wild ingredients and it’s no surprise that this incredible restaurant came in at number 5 of the world’s best restaurants considering that Chef Rasmus Kofoed is the first chef in Denmark to have earned 3 Michelin stars. The dish which stood out the most is the marbled hake, caviar and buttermilk.

Bangkok, Thailand: Gaggan

Gaggan has been for 4 years in a row voted No. 1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, which serves as an absolute testament to the continuous innovation of El Bulli-inspired chef Gaggan Anand. Serving a 25-plus course tasting menu of progressive Indian cuisine served in rapid succession, all of the courses are designed to be eaten by hand. However, if you want to experience Gaggan, you best do so quickly as Anand has vowed to close his flagship restaurant after 10 years of service. Fortunately your favourite bingo Australia sites won’t be following suit any time soon!

Atxondo, Spain: Asador Etxebarri

At number 3 on the list, Asador Etxebarri is spearheaded by Chef Victor Arguinzoniz who has a remarkable way of coaxing out intense flavours from seemingly simple ingredients. The majority of the ingredients which make up the menu are grilled over an open hearth and the team is dedicated to respecting the natural flavours of the local produce served. Each plate is touched with at least a hint of smoke and the grilled kokotxas are not to be missed.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Noma

Coincidentally, the 2nd Danish restaurant in the top 5 and also in 2nd place is Noma. The original Noma, developed by René Redzepi, was without a doubt one of the most important restaurants of its generation and here a new genre of cuisine was developed. The New Nordic style of cuisine on display at Noma takes from the past to give to the future and showcases foraged products while allowing for a seamless intermingling of a study in fermentation.

Menton, France: Mirazur

Finally, we have reached the pinnacle of the world’s best restaurants: Mirazur. Inspired by the mountains and the sea, Chef Mauro Colagreco’s restaurant provides guests with unparalleled views of the French Riviera and 3 levels of tumbling vegetable gardens. Since opened in 2009, the restaurant has been steadily climbing the list of the world’s best restaurants and being in crowned the best in the world was undoubtedly the best 10th anniversary present Chef Colagreco could’ve hoped for.

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