The World’s Most Haunted Restaurants

Dining, fine or otherwise, sometimes comes with a side-order of shrieks, especially if you are at one of the world’s most haunted restaurants. You may get more than just frightfully good food. If you fancy enjoying a meal that comes with the possibility of otherworldly encounters, these are the establishments at which to do it.

Buma Inn

Beijing’s Buma Inn offers delicious versions of traditional and modern fare, but some guests may be there because they have heard about the ghostly diner. The story is that, many years ago, the head chef poisoned a guest. The chef later committed suicide. Guests, who claim to have had strange experiences while dining, suspect the poisoned diner’s ghost is still trying to find the chef who murdered him.

Marsden Grotto Gastropub

Located in a coastal cave at South Shields, England, Marsden Grotto Hotel and Gastropub has a history that may stretch all the way back to 1782. The cave was said to have been the home of a lead miner-turned-smuggler and his wife. It later was developed into a home and an inn by a former pub owner who won money betting on horses. Imagine what you could do with sports betting NZ winnings. The ghost said to be behind ashtrays being thrown across rooms is John the Jibber, who legend claims was killed by other smugglers. The menu features seafood, platters, wraps, gelato, and more.

Nottingham Road Hotel

Nottingham Road Hotel, Restaurant & Pub in Nottingham Road, South Africa, was built by George Orwin in the 1880s. The hotel was a popular holiday destination for farmers and for soldiers, one of whom was said to have been the lover of a chambermaid named Charlotte. She allegedly leapt to her death after receiving news that she had been dumped. Whatever the reason, staff and guests claim Charlotte’s ghost still helps with the housekeeping. The restaurant and pub serve up generous portions of home-style dishes, as well as locally brewed beers.

Muriel’s Jackson Square

Muriel’s Jackson Square opened in March 2001, but the history of the house itself begins in 1718, to the very founding of New Orleans, USA, itself. The resident ghost is believed to be former owner Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan. He allegedly committed suicide on the second floor after losing the house in a Poker game. The ghost is said to have thrown glasses and knocked against walls in the aptly named Séance Lounge. The restaurant offers a modern twist on classic New Orleans dishes.

Old Bull and Bush

Alcohol has been sold on the site of what is now the Old Bull and Bush since 1721. It has been a pub ever since. At some point in the last century, an unfriendly ghostly figure started appearing to patrons and staff at the bar. Staff also claim to have heard strange knocks and footsteps. During renovations in 1987, a human skeleton in Victorian clothing and surrounded by old medical equipment was found buried behind a wall, in an old ventilation shaft. The skeleton was given a proper burial, but the hauntings are said to continue.

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