The Biggest and Best Trends in Tech for 2019

In order to determine the biggest trends in tech for 2019, we must first define what we mean by trend. According to research and advisory company, Gartner, a strategic trend in technology is defined as having substantial disruptive potential and is on the verge of having a broader impact on a global scale. With that in mind, we look at the biggest trends in tech for 2019.Continue reading

Facts About Modern Automation

Automation is a new era of technological advancement that is set to have a massive impact on the way many of us approach our work lives.

With modern machine learning coupled alongside physical machines, many millions are expected to be removed from the workplace and replaced by robots, which is expected to become especially prevalent within the fast food and transportation industry.Continue reading

6 Fascinating Facts About Self-Driving Cars

In the last few years’ self-driving, autonomous or driverless cars have become a hot topic with everyone from Tesla, to Uber, to Google getting involved.

But there are some fascinating facts about self driving cars that haven’t made it into the mainstream media, and we’ve rounded them up to give you even more insight into what could well be the future of travel.Continue reading