The Tech Industry Is Crashing – Here’s Why

Take a look at the NASDAQ and you may be in for a shock. Yes, the biggest tech based companies are reeling, having lost a combined $7.4 trillion. But wasn’t it just yesterday that they were all hitting new heights, effectively raking in money hand over fist? Yes, it was. But since then none of the 15 biggest tech based companies have managed to generate a positive income.

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The Top Communication Apps Right Now

Being able to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers across the world is one of the biggest advantages that the internet has brought to us. From email to instant messaging to videoconferencing, there are plenty of different ways to get a hold of people from all over the globe, and for the most part, it’s almost always free.

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Out Of This World Military Technology

War is arguably the worst trait of humanity, and it’s one that we’ve been indulging in for hundreds of thousands of years in one form or another. Today’s conflicts are far different compared to what they once were, where we now simply use the very latest technology to ensure a swift and decisive victory over our enemies.

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The World’s Current Best EV Vehicles

As the fossil fuel industry continues to be battered in terms of popularity and massive de-investment, more and more people are turning to electricity as the source of their car’s propulsion. Electricity offers a number of benefits, including being cleaner, cheaper to produce, and emitting no emissions by the vehicle.

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The World’s Best Smartphones of 2020 So Far

We’ve already a few months into a new decade, and we’ve seen some of the best mobile hardware of all time, including a launch of the latest Samsung flagships following the release of their foldable phones. As the year continues to grow, we can expect to see new and improved phones slowly trickling into the market, but at the moment, these are the very best smartphones that money can buy.

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Tech-Trends That Will Impact The Year Ahead

The expectation is that 2020 will be a game-changer as far as the transformational power of technology goes. We may not soon be taking to the skies in flying cars, but we’re more than likely to experience more than one breakout moment. And innovation in technology is what will influence our lives for the greater part in the year that lies ahead.

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The Latest Gadgets For Daily Use

The ultimate purpose of modern technology is to make our lives as convenient as possible. From state-of-the-art smartphones to full control of our houses through smart-home setups, the entire idea behind owning the latest and greatest tech is to allow us to go about our business every day as quickly and efficiently as we can. The market is saturated with all kinds of helpful gadgets, but only a handful of those can truly make our daily lives that much easier.

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The Biggest and Best Trends in Tech for 2019

In order to determine the biggest trends in tech for 2019, we must first define what we mean by trend. According to research and advisory company, Gartner, a strategic trend in technology is defined as having substantial disruptive potential and is on the verge of having a broader impact on a global scale. With that in mind, we look at the biggest trends in tech for 2019.Continue reading

Facts About Modern Automation

Automation is a new era of technological advancement that is set to have a massive impact on the way many of us approach our work lives.

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6 Fascinating Facts About Self-Driving Cars

In the last few years’ self-driving, autonomous or driverless cars have become a hot topic with everyone from Tesla, to Uber, to Google getting involved.

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