Ways We Hope Smart Homes Improve in 2019

This year has been a momentous one for home automation, with numerous advancements becoming available in how we are able to manage our various devices. We can even control devices through speakers now, telling the lights to turn on and having our systems understand, for example, but there’s still a ways to go.

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Easier Automation

The next stage is undoubtedly automation, like having lights turn on by themselves as night falls, when you get home, or switching off as you leave.

Although it is possible to set up these levels of controls now, it’s not easy, and hopefully this changes in the next 12 months.

Increased Interoperability

It’s still not possible to control all home devices through a single interface. Support for Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, and SmartThings all varies, and there’s no single system available for them all.

Smarter Maintenance

The ideal automated home is not just about being able to control devices. It needs to give us more information in order to handle maintenance processes too, with systems able to notify you of problems in good time, so that fixing issues isn’t too costly, or simply not possible because they’ve been left unnoticed for too long.

Your fridge not cooling properly, for example? You need to know about it before all your food goes bad and your appliance is cheaper to replace than to repair!

Hopes for 2019 include more sensors being made available to watch and monitor home appliances in order to tell us about problems popping up before they become too big to handle. This type of predictive maintenance will also speed up repairs, thanks to servicemen and women being able to zero in on the problem at once, without having to find out what’s going wrong from a long list of possibilities first.

What We’re Grateful for in 2018

Smart Home Security was one of the biggest breakthrough improvements this year, allowing us to stay remotely connected with our homes with wireless systems. The Smart Fridge Freezer made everyone’s life easier as well, extending the shelf life of food, recommending recipes, monitoring internal temperatures, and helping us save energy at the same time.

Oenophiles cried tears of joy when the Smart Wine Pourer debuted, which allowed them to uncork bottles and enjoy a single glass of wine without running the risk of the rest spoiling. The Smart Shower was a godsend too, allowing us to turn showers on without having to fiddle with knobs, buttons, and switches, and letting us use our voices to get the water running and music activated if we so desire.

All in all we’ve come a really long way in a relatively short amount of time, and here’s hoping the next 12 months treat us as well as the last 12 have!

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