Tech-Trends That Will Impact The Year Ahead

The expectation is that 2020 will be a game-changer as far as the transformational power of technology goes. We may not soon be taking to the skies in flying cars, but we’re more than likely to experience more than one breakout moment. And innovation in technology is what will influence our lives for the greater part in the year that lies ahead.

These are the trends most likely to have a significant impact on everyday life in 2020 and beyond.

Full Circle Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) literally refers to the gazillions of devices all over the world that are connected to the Internet at any given time and which you can enjoy games of Blackjack in NZ on and so much more. Each of these devices is constantly receiving information and sharing data. This inter-connectivity allows otherwise-dumb devices to interact with the collective in a smart and useful way, sharing data in real time in an independent way. Or in other words, without the help of human intervention.

Now that 5G-connectivity is a thing, tech-experts anticipate that 2020 will see the number of connected physical devices reach full capacity. And really, the physical devices referred to within the context of the IoT aren’t limited to computers and smart phones and tablets. Consider for instance the smart shopping trolley capable of replacing the typical checkout pay point. Or the smart fridge that not only serves as a reminder when we’re running low on milk, but also has some neat suggestions for what to make for dinner up its chilly sleeve.

The Sky Is No Longer The Limit

Aerospace advancements are at an all-time high and many predict that man will make his return to space in 2020. What’s more, this return will be dominated and driven by the private sector. Case in point being that SpaceX at long last successfully launched its Crew Dragon “commercial astronaut” spacecraft as recently as a little over a week ago. And whilst its true that no living thing was actually on board of the spacecraft, the launch represented a crucial step as it involved physically detonating the IFA (in-flight abort) system; a system designed to protect future human astronauts in the event of a major mishap.

The mission was declared a royal success. The system did exactly what it was designed to do in a real-life emergency, which is to propel the crew away from the high-speed rocket that it was launched on top of into the sky.

In meantime, space travel entrepreneur Elon Musk has his sights set not only on the stars, but also on Mars. And while populating the red planet may not happen this year, Musk is convinced that it will. And 2020 may very well prove a crucial stepping-stone.

Evolution Of Self-Driving Cars

This has been a hot topic for quite some time now but even so, full-scale independent driving has not yet been realised. But it’s a fact that the AI-tech required for truly understanding complex road conditions are improving – rapidly. 2020 may very well mean a giant leap forward. Or should we say a self-driven mile?

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