5 Big Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Travelling can quickly become a lot of work for those that want to prepare for it properly. From getting the right documentation in order to forgetting to switch up a phone plan, things can quickly spiral into a nightmare.

Fortunately, people travel every single day, meaning that there’s a lot of good information out there. These are some of the most common mistakes that first time travellers make.

1. Phone Plans

Many people are in such a rush to get into a new country that they forget to sit and do their research. Most network plans in the world are based within a specific country, meaning that when a phone is taken somewhere new, the old phone plan will probably stop working.

It then means having to quickly find a new phone plan that’ll work, which can be stressful in a brand new place. The best way to avoid this is by checking first online and getting the necessary phone plan ahead of time.

2. Dismissing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can seem extremely costly, especially to those that want to try and save as much money as possible. But having good travel insurance is vitally important, and all travellers are advised to get hold of some good insurance before setting foot on any planes.

Travel insurance can help with theft of important documentation, potential medical emergencies, and cover for any luggage that goes missing, among other things.

3. Valuables

One of the most common tourist-related crimes in the world involves petty theft, usually a local who uses distractions, sleight of hand, or the language barrier to trick the tourist into letting up their guard. This is a commonality in countries throughout the globe.

The best way to get around this is by making sure all valuables are safely tucked away in a place that’s not easily accessible to anyone, and that no one is able to see your smartphone or tablet while you play slots for real money, access your banking app or do anything else on your device that may attract attention.

4. Not Getting a Travel Card

MasterCard cards can be used across the world, but using a normal debit or credit card in a foreign country can mean some serious fees. These fees can be so expensive that some travellers have even reported being bankrupted by them.

Travel cards are the answer to this problem, with MasterCard offering an international preloaded travel card that works in a number of countries around the world. They’re easy to use, incur very fees, and can be preloaded fairly easily.

5. Local Currency

Our modern, digital lives mean that we can get by fairly easily without having any cash on us, but this might become a problem for those travelling to a third world country. Many places might not have the network to accept any type of card, which means having accessible cash from the local currency is a smart way to always being prepared for any scenario.

Currency exchanges can usually be done at banks, and it’s often easier to do before leaving for a trip.

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