Bucket List Places To Travel To

With the Covid-19 pandemic, and travel being restricted, many people are dreaming about the day when they can safely hop onto a plane (or boat, or train – if that takes your fancy) and travel to places that they’ve always dreamed of going.

In this article, we’ll have a look at three of the places that we’ll be putting on our Travelocity wish list.


First up on our world tour is the Indonesian island of Bali which is preparing to welcome international tourists back in September 2020. The world has gone through a very stressful period in its history, which has been fraught with financial and health risks, to name but two. So to rejuvenate and unwind, we’ll be heading to Bali’s sandy-white beaches and crystal-clear waters. Life is at a slower pace in Bali and the people are amiable and gentle – something that we will need to calm our troubled souls.


What we’ve realised during this pandemic is that to find peace in ourselves, we have to look inwards as there are umpteen amounts of chaos in the world around us.

India is the birthplace of yoga, which is an ancient spiritual practice (and has now been popularised as a form of exercise) that teaches students how to calm their minds and look inwards for questions that they have.

There are several yoga retreats, which are on offer, in India but what someone from the West must understand is that if they go to one of these retreats, they won’t be going to a fitness retreat. In India, yoga focuses more on the spiritual side, which is an excellent lesson to learn for strung-out Westerners who want to leave their stressful and anxious lives behind.

The Guardian gives several recommendations for yoga retreats.

New York

Now that we’ve become one with ourselves again, we head off to New York to spark our creativity and get ourselves in the mind space for developing new things and innovative business ventures – something that not many have had the clarity to create during lockdown.

Touted as the City that Never Sleeps, there are just over 8 million people who live in New York City (this is according to 2018 stats) which is 783,8 km². So, with this amount of people, there is sure to be something happening at all hours of the day and you can find the top offers for everything from show tickets to dining out, online.

New York offers something for everyone. For the discerning theatre-goer, there are the shows on Broadway. For the art lovers, there are fabulous museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which is shortened to the ‘Met’). Gorgeous restaurants – such as The Rainbow Room and The Russian Tea Room, which were made famous by the movies – about in the Big Apple.

So, if it’s a bit of creative inspiration that you need, New York is that place that you’ll get it!

There are so many beautiful places to visit. The trick is to look beyond the current situation and keep that imagination ticking over so when we are allowed to travel, and we can book our tickets!

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