Hiking Gems Worth Exploring

Setting out on a hike is about so many different things. It is about escaping the city, spending time in nature, and working in some exercise. The last thing you want to be doing is fighting your way through crowds to try to finish the trail. So, to beat the crowds at some of the world’s most visited hiking trails, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite trails that are not as congested.

We know the frustration that comes with a packed hiking trail and how difficult it can be to work your way through it. Quiet trails offer a more personal experience without having to deal with crowds. Does this sound good to you?

Lake Peyto in Canada

The first trail on our list is Lake Peyto which is located in beautiful Banff National Park. It is a great alternative to Lake Louise in the Rockies and Lake Moraine. And the best part? You still get to experience the Rocky Mountains.

Salcantay in Peru

Most people immediately think of the Inca Trail when it comes to hiking in Peru, however, it is actually home to so many different hiking trails that showcase the ancient city. The Salcantay route is a great way to discover the ruins and natural beauty of the city without hordes of tourists.

Devil’s Peak in the USA

This tricky trail consists of the 24.2mile-long Devil’s Path in New York. It will put even the most experienced hikers to the test as they take on the steep, slippery climb. While it is a tricky climb, the challenge is worth it and makes for one heck of a story.

Mount Kenya in Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro is the trail that most people think of, mostly because it is the second-highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya is every bit as beautiful, offering Alpine landscapes and once in a lifetime views of the rainforest. It is truly something to behold.

El Hoyo Volcano in Nicaragua

This hiking trail is located in a region home to several active volcanoes in Central America. This means that the area is also one of the continent’s most mountainous regions. While the trail is tough, it offers the opportunity to take a dip to cool off in a crater lake offering picturesque views.

Mount Taranaki in New Zealand

On the North Island within Egmont National Park lies Mount Taranaki, a dormant volcano. It has amazing views and is a truly memorable experience. Many people overlook the trail, which means that it’s quiet most of the time.

Isn’t it time you took on a new adventure? An adventure that few have experienced that potentially rivals the more commercial hiking trails available. We think it is and hope that you’ll consider giving one of our favourites a shot.

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