How To Travel Safely During the Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and millions are imposing self-isolation to try and wait out the worst that the virus has to offer. But those that can self-isolate are usually office workers that can easily move their work to their homes, but for countless others, being out and about is necessary in order to earn in income. Even worse is that there are just as many people that have no choice but to travel internationally, which means being at high risk for potential exposure and infection.


Fortunately, there are a number of actions a traveller can take to lower their chances of being infected.

Washing Hands

This is one that’s being advised over and over by both healthcare professionals and governments, and there’s good reason why. Transmission and subsequent infection through tough is among the easiest ways of getting COVID-19, a virus that can live for a number of hours or more once outside of the human body. This means that it’s scarily easy to simply to get the virus on your hands after touching something publicly accessible, such as money, and then touching your mouth or face.

Experts advise that hand washing should become ritualistic, meaning that most people need to try and wash their hands after touching absolutely anything foreign.

Face Mask

There has been a lot of speculation and false truths about face masks, but there are some simple facts to remember. Firstly, face masks are in high demand, and they are most needed by healthcare professionals and hospitals. Most face masks, especially the ones sold at regular stores, are also inadequate to stop the virus coming in, and are better at stopping it from getting out.

This means that face masks only really work for those that already have the virus, where it prevents them from infecting those around them. Anyone suffering from respiratory diseases should also be using face masks, as they tend to be the most vulnerable to the new outbreak.

Disinfect Belongings

As mentioned earlier, the virus can live on inanimate objects, and for those that are travelling, it’s extremely easy for luggage and other belongings to get contaminated. This is especially true for a smartphone, which we use for everything from making calls to checking out the latest NRL premiership odds. This is where sanitary wipes come in, where they can be used to clean everything from laptops to phones, and are vitally important at keeping viruses at bay, especially when luggage is going through a busy airport.

Stay Healthy

At its current projection, COVID-19 is expected to eventually infect most of the people in the world, but the dangers of getting infected are tied closely to the health of the person being infected. Smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy foods, drinking too much alcohol, and taking hard drugs can all put huge strain on the immune system, reducing its effectiveness in dealing with any pathogens it might come into contact with. Eating healthy, whole foods, exercising, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol are some of the best methods of strengthening the immune system.

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