Travelling Around The World Permanently

For most people, travel is usually done over a certain period of time and requires a certain amount of time off and money saved before the travel itself can be undertaken. Of course, this means that the person will eventually have to come home from their travels and resume their normal lives.

Some people, however, can never move past this wanderlust, and would prefer to spend their lives travelling as much as they possibly can. In the past, this might have been extremely difficult to accomplish, but today it’s become a viable way of living.

  1. Digital Nomads

The digital nomad is a new way of living that sees the person making the majority of their money through the online world while also having the freedom to move around as they please.

This has become especially popular thanks to the fact that most countries around the world have high speed internet, making it easier to keep up with a remote job. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns also proved to many people that it’s fully possible to maintain a full-time job without having to go into the office every day, and people have capitalised on this.

  1. Work Exchange Programs

While not quite as popular as being a digital nomad, there’s a huge market for those that want to exchange their time and labour for a place to stay as well as something to eat. Such programs like Workaway and WWOOF are two of the most popular work exchange programs in the world, but there are plenty of different ones to choose from.

Usually, it means working at a hostel or a farm of some kind, but there are strict rules in place about how people working there are to be treated, including the numbers of hours they need to work as well as their accommodation. It makes a great way to travel the world without many of the costs that would be involved with finding places to stay without having to rent or pay large sums of money.

  1. Seasonal Work

This is one aimed at those people that want to make money along the way without having to sit in front of a screen for many hours of their day, or who simply want extra money to play online roulette while travelling. Seasonal work is a popular way to make money among people that travel a lot, and in some countries the pay can be more than enough to live off.

This could involve picking different kinds of fruit during the harvesting season, or to plant seeds when things begin to warm up. Lots of tourist work becomes available at certain parts of the year depending on the country, especially in countries where tourism makes up a large part of the region’s income.

Seasonal work depends on doing research prior to leaving home, as it’s important to have a planned route throughout the year to make the most of the work that becomes available.

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